photography & cinematography for the rebels, misfits, and crazy-in-love ones

Weddings are a funny thing. We dress up love in rose pedals and vintage lace, with a dash of red velvet on the side. It's almost as if two people dedicating their lives to one another isn't enough of a centerpiece on its own. Don't get us wrong. We love all the details. But more than anything we live for those stripped-back moments where the only thing that shines through is love. 

We hope you don't mind us capturing those moments when you think no one is looking. It's just, those are the moments we want you to have forever. 

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~ photography ~

{ view Adam’s portfolio }

Growing up in a small country town, Adam is a man with deep roots. With a calm and warming personality, he’s made many dear friends out of all the couples he has photographed throughout his ten years in the industry. Always striving to expand his creative spirit, Adam moved to New York where he has worked with countless brands across the world creating rich lifestyle work which dimensionalize his skillset. On his off days, he spends his time baking treats for his friends and studying the technical manuals of every gadget he owns.

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Ben & Tina

~ cinematography ~

{ view Ben & Tina’s portfolio }

Hopelessly romantic and dangerously talented at storytelling, Ben & Tina share a deep love for the art of cinematography. Tina is an emotional aficionado, drawn to weddings by her deep fascination and appreciation for the quiet, intimate moments shared by those in love. Ben is a surfing, audio mixing, craft obsessionist who loves to turn every technical piece of filmmaking into tear-producing art. Together, they immortalize moments and they look good while doing it.



~ cinematography ~

{ view Alice’s portfolio }

Born in sunny California, Alice’s lust for life brought her to New York City where she’s found her creative haven. Dashingly witty and lively, Alice moonlights as an improv performer all over the city, while secretly looking for New York’s greatest taco. If you get cold on your wedding day, she’s the type of person to give you the sweater off her own back with a charm and kindness you won’t be able to refuse. Her love for binge-worthy TV and slice-of-life cinema only contribute to the artistry and craft she puts into her filmmaking.

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~ photography ~

{ view Jennifer’s portfolio }

Like every piece of fine art, Jennifer’s images will stop you dead in your tracks. Perhaps it’s because she’s spent years as a wedding photographer cultivating her nontraditional and documentarian style. Or perhaps it’s because she’s an aspiring architect, a student of aesthetic, studying to get her master’s as we speak. But at its core, maybe it’s just because she’s got a deep soul that gives a damn about true human connection - the type of soul that loves early mornings, all things books, and sweet potatoes. Yeah, I think that’s it.



~ studio manager ~

After moving from California and living in New York for nine years, Kait has learned a thing or two about getting stuff done. Part photographer, part producer, part planner, she’s a modern day wedding sphinx who will work with you every step of the way and even tuck you into bed at night - she’s just that nice. When she’s not busy effortlessly solving every wedding problem in the Tri-state area, you can find her at a local Brooklyn park soaking in the sun and petting all of the dogs.


Ryan & Heidi

~ owners / creative directors ~

{ view Ryan & Heidi’s portfolio }

The creative virtuosos over at Forged in the North, Ryan & Heidi have taken their years of wedding expertise to build After It All. Having worked with some of the most outstanding talent in the industry, they wanted a place where they could gather the best of the best to capture love and create art you’ll want to hang on your wall. Like all loving parents, Ryan & Heidi carefully oversee and pour their love and craft into all the work that After It All produces with a level of dedication evident in every photo and video.

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Can you travel for weddings?
Yes, absolutely.


How many weddings have you shot?
Collectively, well into the hundreds.


Who selects which photographer / cinematographer we get?
You do. We will let you know who’s available and then you can pick who you want from our team.


How many photos do we get in the end?
It’s a minimum of 500, but usually more. And we edit everything with our coloring and style, one image at a time.


Is there an easy way for all the guests to see all the final photos and/or video?
Super easy. You get your own gallery on our print shop that anyone can view, share, download, or order prints.


Can I see some full galleries?
Absolutely. Shoot us a note at and we can find you weddings that might be a closer match to yours.

For video, do we get all the raw footage too?
Definitely. Everything we record, straight from the camera.


Do we have rights to print our photos?
For sure. You can use our print shop or you can print them on your own.


How long does it take to get all our photos and/or video?
At most 12 weeks, but usually it’s sooner than that and we try to get you some preview shots right away.


Do you have business insurance?
Yes. Sometimes the venue requires this, so just let us know and we’ll be happy to provide it.


What types of payment do you accept?
Check, wire transfer, and bank transfer (Chase, BofA, Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank).


What is required to officially book you?
A signed contract and 50% deposit.


What’s your pricing and how do we get started?
Best way to find out more is fill out our contact form here.

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